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Disk Dr. WG-30 Waist Support Belt

The WG-30 Waist Support Belt provides superior support to the lumbar while providing you with maximum flexibility to move about. Because the WG-30 uses air-pocket expansion columns, the belt itself is comfortable and low-profile so that you can wear this under your everyday normal clothes.

With the Disk Dr. WG-30 waist support belt, you can expect maximum comfort, support, and flexibility. If you have a herniated disc or suffer from lower back pain due to back or disc injury, the WG-30 waist belt is highly recommended.

Surgery is not always the answer. Most people who suffer from chronic back pains or back related aches can significantly reduce and possibly eliminate the sharp shooting pains from standing with the WG-30 Waist Support Belt.

The Disk Dr. WG-30 Waist Support Belt won the gold medal
in the medical category at the INPEX SHOW (held in 2002 in Pittsburg)
for being one of the most authoritative exhibitions for new inventions.

The Disk Dr.WG-30 Waist Support Belt's patented, vertically-expandable columns provide secure mechanical support for the lumbar vertebrae. This unique air pocket system sets the Disk Dr. WG-30 Waist Support Belt apart from normal traction systems. The WG-30 acts to provide external support to the lumabr diverting weight-bearing forces away from the lumbar spine and thereby reducing intra-discal pressure.

The Disk Dr. WG-30 Waist Support Belt combines both excellent support and flexibility. For those who participate in sports or have an active life-style, the Disk Dr. allows a high degree of mobility while providing security for lumbar vertebrae.