JoinMAX Knee Joint Treatment

Co-developed with the Korean Institute of Biotechnology, JoinMAX is a new medical treatement device incorporating far-infrared rays to sooth muscles around the knee cap.

With the wavelength between 700-50000nm, JoinMAX delivers thermal energy deep into the knees, relieving the pain around the knees and improving the involved symptoms quickly. The innovative knee-muscle pain reliever, JoinMAX gets thermal energy infiltrating deep into the knees by thermal radiation of halogen lamp and infrared lamp, mitigating pains of the knee muscles quickly. Ergonomically designed, JoinMAX deploys thermal cathodes properly suitable for the knee structure so that thermal energy is effectively infiltrated deep into the knees as worn. This constantly improves symptoms. The surface of thermal cathodes is made of the purest silver of which thermal conduction is so high, from which thermal energy is quickly delivered deep into the knees as the natural antibacterial and antibiotic reactions are also delivered. Since a temperature controller with memory unit is attached to JoinMAX, a proper temperature is regulated from/to 45 degrees Celsius - 65 degrees Celsius, constantly helping to maintain the temperature.

New-ideal bio heating system for knee jointly invented
with Korea Institute of Biotechnology-JoinMAX

Delivering helpful thermal energy deep into the joint , JoinMAX helps relieve knee-joint related aches and pains. By facilitating muscle relaxation for mitigating the pain and making the joints supple, tension and secondary damage is also prevented.

Since the muscles and joints around the knees are soothed and relaxed, it prevents any inflammation from relapsing to further reduce pain. The effect of mitigating the pain from the knee muscles was first recognized by the KFDA; JoinMAX is recognized and approved by the FDA.

Anyone who feels soreness or pain when moving their knee joint, stiffness after strenuous movement, or is aged with a degenerative disease affecting the knee joints should invest in the JoinMAX system.