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Disk Dr. NG-20 Neck Support Brace

The NG-20 neck brace is recommended for those
who suffer from neck pains and injuries. As
the columns in the back inflate, users will
feel the immediate support of the NG-20 working
while still providing maximum comfort to allow
the users to continue in everyday routines.
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Disk Dr. WG-30 Waist Support Belt

The WG-30 Waist Support Belt provides superior support to the lumbar while providing you with maximum flexibility to move about. Because the WG-30 uses air-pocket expansion columns, the belt itself is comfortable and low-profile so that you can wear this under your everyday normal clothes.
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Disk Dr. JoinMAX Knee Joint Treatment

JoinMAX is a new-concept medical device for knee joint muscle co-developed by Korea Institute of Biotechnology. Unlike existing hot-pack type thermal apparati for the knee, JoinMAX mitigates pains in the knee in different mechanisms, sooths muscles around the knee and improves types of symptoms quickly.
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» Lists the products that we sell.

--WG-30 Waist Support Belts
» are the trusted belts for comfortable low-profile back support that gives the user the added support without the ultra tightness of standard back support belts.

--NG-20 Neck Brace
» works to provide the user the needed neck support with added flexibility for comfort.

--JoinMAX Knee Joint Treatment
» works while using non-invasive far infrared rays to alleviate pains related to the knee joints. JoinMAX is excellent for users who suffer from Arthritis and other pains in the knee cap region.

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